About us


KMVS’ Media Cell, in the course of showcasing Kutchi folk music on their radio broadcasts, discovered this dire state of the region’s folk music tradition. On 8th February, 2008, the Media Cell decided to step in to help. The primary way it has helped is through the creation of ‘Soorvani’, an informal organization of 400 musicians representing 40 different musical forms. The overarching goal of Soorvani is to improve the status and situation of Kutchi folk musicians. Its objectives are to preserve, sustain, revive, energize and promote Kutch’s folk music traditions. There is no other organization working on these issues, so the work of the Media Cell is crucial in helping to keep Kutch’s traditional folk music alive.

Kutch – Cultural Background

Many different castes, religions and communities live in Kutch, most of them descendants of people who migrated to the region over the last 1000 years. The main communities are Hindu, Muslim and Jain, with sub-groups such as Rabari, Gadhvi, Jat, Meghwal, Mutwa, Sodha Rajput, Koli, Sindhi and Darbar differentiating the population. Due to these many ethnic groups living and working together, Kutch has a rich pluralistic heritage that can be seen through its unique clothing, music and traditions.